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How to Find the Perfect Water Bottle for You

By Kate Bayless ; Updated September 25, 2017

Do you drink enough water? From home to the office, your workouts to your commute, it’s important to keep water close at hand to ward off the symptoms of dehydration like foggy thinking, irritability and sluggishness. Luckily, in this modern age, you can find a water bottle filled with the perfect features to fit your life. Need a reminder to stay hydrated? Want a bottle that can handle your protein shake? Need a bottle that doesn’t make water taste like, well, water? Whatever your hydration happy place, check out these eight innovative, multitasking water bottles to find your ideal match.

1. If Your Water Needs a Flavor

Bored by the taste of water? Infuse your water with your own blend of fruits with this 25-ounce infuser water bottle from Zoma. While there are many infuser bottles on the market, what sets this bottle apart is its larger infuser basket, making it easier to get your favorite fruits (or even veggies) in without excessive chopping or smashing. The bottle also has locking cap for leak-free transport, an easy-drinking spout, a carry loop and finger grips built into the bottle.

PRICE: $9.99


2. If You Want to Shake It Up (Literally)

Fans of meal-replacement powders or rehydration drink mixes know the importance of getting a good blend and keeping them mixed as the day goes. With the BlenderBottle, your shakes will stay perfectly mixed, thanks to an internal BlenderBall® stainless-steel wire whisk that works to thoroughly blend everything from protein powders to ingredients like peanut butter, yogurt and applesauce. Choose from the Classic or SportsMixer bottles or the ProStack, which comes with separate attached compartments for vitamins, supplements or extra powder.

PRICE: $9.99 for Classic


3. If You’re Always Dehydrated

The new Moikit Seed bottle not only tracks your water consumption, it also reminds you throughout the day to meet your hydration goals. The bottle uses an algorithm to create a custom water-intake schedule based on your body composition, daily activity level and outside temperature to ensure you stay hydrated all day long. The Seed then uses small vibrations and the lid’s LED display to remind you to drink throughout the day. The vacuum bottle keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 with an innovative lid that warns you if the liquid is too hot for consumption. If you don’t catch them on Indiegogo before their February ship date, you’ll need to wait until the bottle hits marketplaces.

PRICE: $44 for 12 ounces


4. If You Need a Pick-Me-Up

In our multitasking world, it’s not surprising that we would ask more from our water than just hydration. Meet the 16-ounce Smart Nutrition Bottle from LifeFuels -- it’s not your average water bottle. The key to the Smart Nutrition Bottle is the innovative FuelPods. Use the pods to add a daily multivitamin, magnesium or B-12 to your water. Pods also come in supplement packs called Protein, Energy, Sleep Aid, Superfoods or Pre-Workouts and in flavors including Raspberry Lemonade, Flavored Electrolytes, Coconut Water, Green Tea and Coffee. Each bottle can hold five 1-ounce FuelPods that can have up to 30 servings per ounce. Use the bottle’s screen or the accompanying LifeFuels app to automatically dispense your favorite pods. The app also tracks how much you consume, learns about your habits and recommends the right pods at the right times. It even works with your favorite wearable trackers and health apps.

PRICE: $200; includes 10 FuelPods (about 130 servings)


5. If You Carry a Bottle (and Your Phone)

Heading out for a run and want to keep all your essentials close at hand? The SpeedView Hydration Handheld from Nathan includes a water bottle and cell phone case in an easy-to-hold unit. The 18-ounce water bottle comes with a cap that offers quick bursts of water while you’re running -- perfect for racing. The zippered handheld case has a see-through touchscreen panel so you can access your phone’s music or running app, an internal elastic pocket to carry cash or your ID and a headphone wire hole. Plus, it fits most phones, including the iPhone 6, 5, 4 and 4S and Galaxy S3 and S4.

PRICE: $29


6. If You Want Filtered Water

Get the freedom to refill your water bottle anywhere with WaterBobble’s built-in charcoal filter. Its classic or sport bottles come with a two-pack of replacement carbon filters, which screen out chlorine and other chemicals to give you clean-tasting water wherever you are -- up to 300 times. With WaterBobble’s new Infuse water bottle you also can choose between filtering and infusing. Pop out the charcoal filter and add in your choice of fruit and/or herbs to create your own favorite spa water. The empty filter cage prevents your water additions from sneaking out of the bottle while you drink.

PRICE: $14.99 for 20 ounces


7. If You Need Hands-Free Hydration

The new Venture Series hydration belt from SPI comes with two 8-ounce bounce-free water bottles that clip onto the running belt. The bottles have wide mouths to fit ice cubes, leak-free Jet Nozzles for quick mid-run hydration and an ergonomic shape so that they stay comfortably close to your body. In addition to the water bottles, the belt also has dual loops for gel packs, reflective piping for added safety and an expandable, weather-resistant pocket that can hold your phone, ID or keys.

PRICE: $45


8. If You’re Short on Space

To call this a multiuse water bottle is a bit of an understatement. The Bübi Bottle is a silicone water bottle that can carry your water for the day and then can collapse and roll up for easy storage. It can be filled with ice and used as a cold compress. It can be heated over a flame as a hot compress. Dishwasher-safe, microwavable, freezer-safe and heat-resistant, the bottle can be turned inside out to get a thorough cleaning. You could even use the bottle as a dry bag to keep important essentials safe when traveling. Whether you are running or hiking, hitting the gym or commuting to work, the Bübi Bottle can keep you hydrated, ease sore muscles, keep you warm and so much more.

PRICE: $17


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