Different Seminar Topics for Teens

Seminars provide a forum for guiding and motivating teens. Experts equip teens with vital life skills when they discuss topics on common teen issues such as pregnancy, recreational drug use, stress and sleeplessness. According to Developing Minds, such seminars make teens better at thinking and planning ahead. Helping your teen enroll in such seminars gives him better tools for leading a healthy life.


Pregnant teens may face a dilemma on whether to keep a pregnancy or undergo an abortion. HealthyChildren.org notes that teens with understanding parents may be more likely to refrain from making rash decisions 3. Such teens may also benefit from parental advice and adequate prenatal care. Inadequate knowledge in pregnancy issues may predispose teenage girls to harm the fetus’ development 3. Seminars on teen pregnancy equip teenagers, especially girls, with vital information on how to avoid pregnancies and conduct themselves should they get pregnant.

Drug Abuse

Some teens use recreational drugs because of misinformation that using certain drugs will help them feel better or overcome problems like stress. Recreational drug use can lead to mental disorders, which in turn lead to problems in school, at home or in relationships, according to HelpGuide.org 2. Seminars on drug abuse can be helpful to teenagers because they make them aware of the dangers of recreational drug use. Teens also learn how they can avoid addiction or where to seek help if they are already addicts.


Teenagers may experience stress due to pressure from parents, school or peers. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that, when teens are unable to manage stress properly, they may become withdrawn, aggressive and physically ill. Stress can also make them resort to drug abuse. Seminars on stress management can help teens learn possible ways of avoiding stressful situations. Seminars can also equip teens with knowledge on healthy ways of coping with stress.


According to KidsHealth, during adolescence, the body produces the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin later at night as compared to adults or preteens 4. This leads to delay in the onset of the sleep cycle, causing a condition known as delayed sleep phase syndrome. Other causes of sleeplessness include stress, physical illness or discomfort. KidsHealth associates sleeplessness with problems like the inability to concentrate and depression 4. Seminars where experts discuss sleeplessness are a vital forum for teens to learn the importance of getting enough sleep and possible ways of overcoming sleeplessness.