Will Walking Fast for 15 Minutes Twice a Day Help Lose Fat Belly?

Walking fast twice a day in 15-minute spurts fulfills two of the recommendations supplied by the Centers for Disease Control in its physical activity guidelines. Brisk walking is an aerobic exercise that will help burn fat, not just from your belly, but overall. Unless you combine a regular workout routine with a healthy diet that supports weight loss, and ideally strength training as well, you will not reduce your waistline as quickly as you might like.

Punch It Up

Optimize your walks and increase your fat-burning potential by performing interval training. Alternate between short bursts of jogging with your regular fast walking speed. Walk fast for two minutes and then break into a light jog for one minute. One way to determine if you are walking quickly enough is to perform the “talk test.” Recite a few words and, if you are just able to speak, then you are exercising at the correct intensity. You can organize your intervals in a way that suits your current level of fitness. As your stamina improves, experiment with the length of your intervals within your 15-minute time frame.

Meet Your Needs

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Support your intention to lose belly fat with a healthy diet rich in nutrients, healthy fats and fiber. Determine the number of calories you should consume daily by using an online calorie calculator such as the one offered by the American Council on Exercise. By taking into account your age, weight and activity level among other factors, you'll be given the correct number of calories to consume to support your energy requirements. Add whole-body strength training twice a week as well to really attack fat and build muscle.