Why Do I Only Gain Weight on My Stomach?

Genetic Predisposition

Every individual is born with a set body type, or shape. A person's body type determines how and where she gains weight and stores fat. The genetic factors that determine a person's height, eye color and skin tone are the same factors that determine how and where that person is likely to store excess body weight or fat. When body weight increases, a person with a genetic predisposition toward storing excess weight (fat) in the stomach area will likely see an increase in stomach size. A person's genetic profile determines where excess food calories are likely to be stored as fat. Whether that area is the stomach, the thighs, the love handles or the face, genetic determinants, which are unchangeable, govern the entire process.

Fat Cell Distribution

How and where fat cells are distributed on the body plays a huge role in determining where a person is likely to store the majority of his weight. For most people, fat cell distribution is not distributed evenly across the body. Rather, the majority of people have areas, or pockets, on their bodies that have much higher concentrations of fat cell deposits than other parts. Naturally, these dense areas of fat cell storage naturally store and retain more body fat than other, naturally slimmer areas on the body. For people who gain the majority of their weight on their stomachs, in addition to genetic factors, they are likely to have a larger concentration of fat cells in the stomach area to begin with, which naturally predisposes them towards storing weight (fat) in that area.

Metabolic/Dietary Considerations

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Although not responsible for directing fat and/or weight to be stored in a person's stomach area, a person's metabolic rate, the rate at which her body converts food into energy, and dietary habits influence the rate at which body fat gets stored on the body. When energy consumed (calories) exceeds energy (calories) burned on a consistent basis, fat storage occurs. A person with a genetic predisposition toward storing fat in the stomach area will see an increase in stomach size as weight is gained. This metabolic/dietary interplay create the conditions for weight (fat) gain to occur; a person's genetic predisposition and fat cell storage patterns influence where that gained weight is stored.