How to Whiten Clear Braces

Many orthodontists will give patients the option to have clear braces on their upper teeth 1. These braces are often made of porcelain and are a clear alternative to traditional metal braces 1. If you have clear braces, it's important to keep them clean 1. This process is typically thought of as whitening because the ceramic braces appear to be white in color 1. However, the white color is actually your teeth being seen through the clear material. The ceramic brackets blend in with the natural color of your teeth. If you don't keep these brackets clean, they will no longer be able to blend in.

Clean your clear braces by brushing your teeth more often than usual 1. You should brush your teeth, making sure to brush each individual clear bracket, after every meal and after you drink beverages other than water. Using an electric toothbrush is also a good way to help prevent staining.

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Avoid foods and drinks that are known for staining. These include dark sodas, coffee, tea, and foods that contain artificial coloring. Avoiding these types of foods and drinks will help prevent future staining. If you do consume food or drink that may stain your clear braces, be sure to brush your teeth right away 1.

Have your teeth cleaned by your dentist twice as often as you normally would. Most people have their teeth cleaned twice a year. Therefore, if possible, you should have your teeth cleaned four times a year while wearing clear braces 1.

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Floss at least twice a day. Food that's stuck between teeth can push against your braces and cause problems beyond staining 1. Serious problems, such as gingivitis, are common with patients who wear braces 1. Avoid staining and more serious problems by flossing often.

Rinse your mouth with mouthwash after meals and after drinking beverages other than water. You should use mouthwash in addition to brushing your teeth, but if brushing isn't an option, be sure you always have mouthwash on hand. This will help prevent staining and rid your mouth of harmful bacteria that can cause more serious problems.


Avoid over-the-counter whitening products while wearing clear braces. Whitening products will not reach the surface of your tooth that's under the clear brackets of your braces. As the surrounding area of your tooth is whitened, the space underneath the clear bracket will remain a darker shade. Therefore, your brackets will no longer appear white. Also, when your braces are removed, your teeth will be different colors. It's best to save the whitening products for after your clear braces are removed.