What Happens After Your Kundalini Awakens?

In yoga literature, Kundalini is usually pictured as a snake coiled at the base of your spine. Certain events – deliberate or spontaneous – can stir this latent Kundalini energy. And when it awakens, that’s the beginning of a whole adventure which could be blissful, dangerous or somewhere in between.

Immediate Effects

People describe mental and physical symptoms when their Kundalini awakens. These include trembling, spontaneous movement, and visual and auditory hallucinations, such as hearing birds chirping or human voices. Some people spontaneously recite mantras or make animal noises. According to Dr. Bonnie Greenwell, a therapist who works with people’s Kundalini energy, the feelings can be intense, but aren’t usually painful. However, Kundalini is unstoppable, and trying to control it can cause pain. Greenwell recommends resting on a bed and inviting the energy to do its thing. Within 20 minutes, she said on her website, the energy will calm down and you’ll feel better.

Kundalini Rising

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Once the Kundalini awakens, it will begin to move upward through your main chakras, or energy centers. Starting at the base of the spine, it rises through your genitals, solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye point until it reaches its destination, the crown of your head. Sometimes the chakras are open and the Kundalini can power through, but usually there are glitches and it takes months, or even years, Greenwell says. This can lead to feelings of heat or even pain in those areas.

Flexibility is Key

Since you can’t control Kundalini energy, practice focusing on the present moment. Greenwell warns that it’s no good to try to battle your Kundalini. Instead, she recommends starting each day with curiosity about what this new energy will bring. Be prepared for mood swings, shifts in your energy and possibly even psychic phenomena.

Changes in Lifestyle

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Once your Kundalini is awakened, some lifestyle changes may be in order. According to Kurt Keutzer, a UC Berkeley computer science professor who’s studied and experienced Kundalini, moderation of sleep, diet, and physical and sexual activity might be necessary. Kundalini energy makes people more sensitive, he says on his website. You might need to schedule more quiet time to process your feelings. Greenwell recommends assessing your true feelings about who you spend your time with and where you hang out, and adjusting your life accordingly. Finding others who have experienced Kundalini energy is very helpful.