What Does Thytrophin PMG Do for Your Body?

Thytrophin PMG is a health supplement made with bovine thyroid PMG extract processed to remove the thyroxine thyroid hormone. According to “The Complete Thyroid Book,” Thytrophin PMG can help to treat thyroid irregularities such as Grave’s disease. Because Thytrophin PMG strengthens your thyroid, this supplement can also affect your thyroid’s function including the production of many hormones. Consult a medical professional prior to using Thytrophin PMG.

Metabolism Support

Your thyroid helps your body to regulate many functions including metabolism. The ingredients in Thytrophin PMG purport to have a synergistic effect, meaning the ingredients work together to help your body at a cellular level. When your metabolism does not work properly, your body does not fully utilize energy. As a result, your body will store the excess energy as fat. This can lead to weight gain and other health disorders. Thytrophin PMG helps your thyroid to support proper metabolic function.

Bio-available Calcium

Many calcium mineral supplements do not have bio-availabilty. This means your body can not properly absorb the calcium and will eliminate the mineral through waste. Most calcium mineral supplements derive from dairy sources that require stomach acid to dissolve properly. The calcium in Thytrophin PMG, however, is not made form dairy source. The calcium in Thytrophin PMG is calcium lactate from pure vegetable sources. The calcium in Thytrophin PMG has a neutral pH and is water soluble. Your body requires calcium for central nervous system function and bone development.

Maintains Cellular Health

The makers of Thytrophin PMG claim this supplement helps your body remove antibodies responsible for cellular damage. By protecting your cells, Thytrophin PMG helps to support healthy cell division, cell function and cell growth. By neutralizing these antibodies, Thytrophin PMG contributes to the overall health of your body.

The Thyroid

The thyroid stimulates the tissues in your body to produce protein and increase the amount of oxygen used by your cells. The hormones released by your thyroid enhance your body’s ability to use foods as energy while supporting the rate at which your body synthesizes protein. Your thyroid releases calcitonin, the hormone responsible for the efficient use of calcium in your body. Thytrophin PMG works to support these thyroid function.