What Are the Treatments for Inflamed Ligaments of the Foot?

The foot is covered with ligaments that retract and extend to allow movement and flexion. Several different mechanisms of action can injure these ligaments, including sports, repetitive motions and ill-fitting shoes. A common cause of inflamed foot ligaments is plantar fasciitis, or inflammation of the ligament running the length of the foot causative of severe pain in the sole and heel of the foot.


Exercises for the calf, ankle and foot can relieve the tension placed on the foot ligaments. These stretches will also improve flexibility, strength and blood supply to the affected area. Increased blood supply will bring fresh nutrients to the site of inflammation and precipitate healing.

Immobility and Ice

One main cause for inflamed foot ligaments is repetitive use and weight bearing on the strained ligament, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians 1. If swelling, extreme pain or warmth is present, the body is indicating that the ligaments are injured and must be rested. Staying off the affected foot should be accompanied by judicious ice use to the affected area, advises AAFP. This gives the foot ligaments time to heal, and the ice will decrease the inflammation.

Proper Arch Support

Pronation, or the inward roll of the foot with walking, is a common cause of plantar fasciitis and inflamed ligaments of the foot, according to the Plantar Fasciitis Organization. Shoes with elevated heels and a firm arch support, such as motion control sneakers, will correct the pronation and stop further damage to the ligaments, notes the organization. Those who have flat, or fallen, arches may find more frequent episodes of foot ligament pain and injury can be avoided with use of supportive shoes.