What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Bladder & Kidney Cancer?

Bladder cancer usually starts within the lining of the bladder. It then may spread through the lining and grow into the bladder’s wall muscles. Invasive bladder cancer typically spreads to other organs of the body, including the liver, lungs, lymph nodes and pelvis. Kidney cancer, on the other hand, involves the abnormal, uncontrollable growth of kidney cells. Bladder and kidney cancers can occur independently of one another, but may appear at the same time if one type of cancer spreads to the other site. Here are the signs and symptoms of bladder and kidney cancer.

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Bladder Cancer Symptoms

Common symptoms and warning signs of bladder cancer include frequent, almost constant, urinary tract infections; pain during urination (called Dysuria), and urinating frequently but in small amounts only. Another warning sign is the presence of blood or blood clots in the urine. This occurs in almost 90 percent of patients who are suffering from the disease.

Advanced Bladder Cancer Symptoms

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In its later stages, bladder cancer symptoms are much more severe. For example, a growth or mass may appear in the patient’s pelvis, which is close to the bladder. Swelling often occurs in the lower leg area; and many patients experience kidney pain that is felt in the lower back. When bladder cancer continues to spread to other parts of the body, the patient is likely to lose weight and suffer from significant pain in the pelvic area, bones and rectum.

Symptoms of Kidney Cancer

The most common symptoms of kidney cancer are similar to those of bladder cancer, including blood in the urine. The urine typically appears to be deep red or rusty in color). The patient may also suffer from constant pain in the side, or experience fevers, weight loss; fatigue, and a general feeling of being weak and unhealthy. The presence of a cancerous mass or lump in the side of the abdomen may be felt.

False Warnings

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There are cases in which some symptoms of kidney and bladder cancer may not indicate the presence of the disease. Sometimes a cyst or infection can trigger pain, blood in the urine and similar warning signs. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should immediately consult with a physician for proper diagnosis and early treatment.