What Are Some Low-Sugar Candies on the Market?

While many consumers might not worry over the nutrient content in candy, the sugar content is a concern for those who have medical conditions such as diabetes, nutritional preferences or concerns about dental health. Low-sugar candies appeal to people who want to limit their sugar intake while enjoying the occasional confection. Informed consumers want choices and innovation in alternatives to sugar-laden candies. The variety of low-sugar candies on the market, including familiar brands such as Hershey, has increased to meet consumer demand.

Licorice Bites

DiabeticCandy.com, an online confectioner that sells a wide variety of sugar-free candies, sells Sorbee International’s cherry licorice bites and black licorice bites DiabeticCandy.com’s sugar-free candies, which contain no regular or refined sugar, are sweetened with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols, which include sorbitol and mannitol, have fewer calories than regular sugar. DiabeticCandy.com sells licorice bites in ½-pound packages. A serving size of 28 licorice bite pieces contains 120 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrates.

Hard Candies

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Blueberry Acai Medley and Pomegranate Punch hard candies are sold under the brand of Sweet ‘N Low, the manufacturer of the artificial sweetener made from saccharine. Simply Lite Foods manufactures and sells the Sweet ‘N Low brand hard candies and chocolates. Simply Lite markets the sugar-free blueberry and pomegranate candies as a healthy choice that provide the vitamins A, C and E, contain antioxidants and have about six calories in one piece of candy. Sweet ‘N Low hard candies also are available in butterscotch, coffee and peppermint.


Amber Lyn Chocolates sells a variety of sugar-free chocolates, including milk chocolate and dark chocolate bars, truffles, chocolate almonds and chocolate bark. Amber Lyn chocolates are sweetened with the sugar alcohol malitol, which comes from wheat. Amber Lyn uses Belgian chocolate to make its products, which it markets as gluten-free, low-carbohydrate and free of preservatives. Amber Lyn chocolates contain high levels of cocoa and no added sugar. The milk chocolate bar ingredients include 3 grams of sugar, which is the lactose found naturally in milk. Amber Lyn Chocolates are available online.

Jelly Beans

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Jelly Belly, the maker of multi-flavored gourmet jelly beans, makes sugar-free jelly beans, jelly bean sours and gummi bears with artificial sweeteners. Jelly Belly’s sugar-free jelly beans have 40 percent fewer calories than regular jelly beans. The assorted flavors include tangerine, green apple and juicy pear. The jelly bean sours flavors include lemon, cherry and orange. Jelly Belly’s gummi bears are available in seven flavors.