How to Wash Your Eyelids and Eyelashes If You Have Chronic Blepharitis, Best Way to Do Eyelid Scrubs

Blepharitis, or flaking and inflammation of eyelids, is a very common hereditary condition. This condition is chronic and should be maintained to prevent flare ups.

Rinse your eyelids and eyelashes with warm water.

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Place a small amount of Selsun Blue shampoo w/ selenium sulfide on a clean washcloth. With warm tap water work up lather in the washcloth.

Wrap the washcloth around the tip of your fingers. Close your eyes tightly and GENTLY scrub your eyelids with the washcloth wrapped around your fingertips. Pay special attention to scrub the base of the eyelashes. The concept is that you are "shampooing" your eyelashes and eyelids like you would shampoo your hair and your scalp. Scrub both the upper eyelids and lower eyelids for 10 seconds. Remember to scrub gently. Don't be aggressive or over zealous with the scrubbing.

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Keeping the eyes tightly closed rinse the shampoo off with warm tap water.

Do eyelid scrubs on a daily basis. Twice a day would be best. Blepharitis is a chronic condition. There is no cure or fix. You must maintain clean eyelids and eyelashes on daily basis. Some people may experience "flare up" of blepharitis even with regular eyelid scrubs. If so, see your eye doctor because you may need prescription anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic eye medications.

Keeping blepharitis under control and maintained is important because if the eyelashes are dirty there will be an overgrowth of bacteria, a lot more than the normal bacterial flora. This environment promotes sties in the eyelids, bacterial infection on the surface of the eyeball and delayed hypersensitivity reaction to staph toxins where the cornea tissue will become compromised and damaged.

Selsun Blue shampoo works better than "no more tears" baby shampoo. Believe it or not Selsun Blue stings less than "no more tears" baby shampoo. Yes, "no more tears" baby shampoo does sting. In addition Selsun Blue is formulated for dandruff which is exactly what is on the eyelids/eyelashes if you have been diagnosed with blepharitis.


Dandruff, whether it's on your scalp or on your eyelids/lashes, is caused by yeast. The selenium sulfide found in Selsun Blue Shampoo is the anti-yeast. Selenium sulfide --> less dandruff --> reduce excessive bacterial growth --> reduce bacterial toxins around the eye --> reduce chances of getting delayed hypersensitivity reaction to staph toxins


There are different types of Selsun Blue Shampoo each with their own active ingredient. Be sure to read the label carefully, select the one with selenium sulfide.