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How to Walk in a Fracture Boot

By Charlotte Johnson ; Updated July 27, 2017

A stumble, a trip and a fall can leave you with one or more broken bones in your feet or lower legs or a bad sprain in your lower extremities. With certain types of fractures and sprains, physicians often recommend that you use a fracture boot. These boots are also referred to as "orthopedic boots," "cam walkers" or "walker boots." A fracture boot provides support to the foot and leg so healing can occur more efficiently. Learning to walk in a fracture boot is a process that takes a little time and practice.

Place your booted foot forward and plant it squarely on the floor.

Move forward with your "good" foot as you gingerly place weight on your booted foot. If you are using crutches as well, you will place the crutches on the ground slightly in front of your booted foot and bear your weight onto the crutches as you move your good foot forward.

Shift your weight to your good foot as you move your booted foot forward.

Repeat this pattern of movement to continue walking. Take your time, especially when you are first growing accustomed to using the fracture boot.


Wear a sock under your fracture boot to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

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