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Using Honey for Cancer Treatment

By Jennifer Jean Miller ; Updated July 27, 2017

Honey for Cancer Treatment?

Honey is a natural product created when honeybees extract nectar from flowers. Bacteria have a challenging time surviving in honey due to its low water content. It is a nutritional source that is packed with antioxidants, such as Vitamin C.

In its product form, such as royal jelly (from the salivary glands of worker bees), and propolis (the substance to create honeycombs), it has been proven to shrink tumors in laboratory studies.

Studies in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

In a study on mice, propolis, royal jelly, caffeic acid, honey and venom were applied to the mice prior to their being injected with tumor cells in their lungs. The study concluded that the cancer growth was inhibited by the natural bee products and cancer cells that were already present did not survive.

Manuka Honey for Skin Cancers

Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and has been found to treat skin cancers. When cancer broke through the skin, this honey was applied externally in dressings. It was also used when ulcers developed following radiation therapy. It was found to be successful in ceasing bacteria growths and strains that had been resistant to other treatments.

Israeli Honey During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy effects can be countered with Israeli honey. Hemoglobin levels tend to be lowered during chemotherapy treatments and the "Chemo Support" and "Immune Support" products, which are sold by this line of Israeli Honey under the Life-Mel Honey brand name, can help to prevent health issues that can manifest through chemotherapy. While taking the product, there is a lower incidence of anemia and other side effects that may keep the patient from continuing treatment. Others have been able to endure more treatment. With the twice daily dose, patients have noticed positive results. Strength can return in 6 to 8 days rather than months. Others have even noticed a regrowth in hair from ingestion of Israeli honey.

Royal Jelly and Its Fight

Royal jelly helps to rebuild the immune system and good cells that have been destroyed by radiation treatments.

A study in Bulgaria showed that bee keepers are 20% less likely to die of cancer because of their exposure to bee poison in their blood and also their ingestion of honey, royal jelly and propolis products.

Propolis as a Natural Immune Stimulant

Propolis has become known as a natural immune stimulant. It does this by raising the body's immunity and resistance to infections. Propolis has many properties that fight against bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

The caffeic acid in propolis has properties that promote cancer cell death.

Propolis has also been reported to fight the cells that cause colon cancer. It prevents the protein that causes cancer growth from forming. It also encourages the growth of new blood vessels, which strengthens the area and prevents cancer from forming.

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