Uses of Silicone Oil

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Silicone oil is used in a variety of ways and in many different occupations and activities. Builders use silicone oil as a lubricant, while cooks sometimes use it as an additive in deep-frying oil. It is even used by physicians to treat diseases such as retinal detachment in the eye. Even kids use silicone oil, as it is a main ingredient in some modeling clays.

Lubricant for Materials

Silicone oil is often used as a lubricant in woodworking and construction. Because it can be sprayed, it is useful for lubricating small parts such as locks. It is also helpful for use with porous materials like plastics. It makes the work surface slippery, so the parts slide together more easily.

Restaurant Cooking

Silicone oil has been used in restaurants as an addition to cooking oil for deep-frying. Silicone oil stops frothing and can help to hold the temperature of oil and prevent splattering. It should not be used as a substitute for a normal cooking oil, as it can be toxic if used in this manner.

Eye Surgery

Silicone oil is often used in eye surgery when the retina is detaching, a condition common in diabetic patients in particular. The surgeon fills the eye with silicone oil, and this helps the retina to adhere after surgery.

Modeling Clay

Children's modeling clay may be made using silicone oil. Chemical and Engineering News reports that one brand was first made by combining silicone oil and boric acid.