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How to Get Used to a Partial Upper Denture

By Cindi Pearce ; Updated July 27, 2017

A partial upper denture is removable and clasps onto an abutment, which is one or more of your existing teeth. The partial is a prosthesis that restores teeth which are missing. It is difficult adapting to a partial denture just as it is hard to get comfortable wearing full dentures.

Practice talking out loud in the privacy of your home because you may find that you are having difficulty speaking when wearing your partial upper denture. A denture is different from your natural teeth. Your tongue has to adapt. If the denture does not fit well, it will create speech problems, but even when it does fit correctly, you will still need to get used to it, which takes time. Some denture wearers adapt quickly whereas it take others more time.

Experiment by eating different kinds of food in the privacy of your home because you may encounter problems with chewing when wearing a partial denture. Ask your dentist if you should be using an adhesive. In time, you will be able to chew easier and better. You need to adapt to the denture teeth, which use a side to side motion to mash up your food whereas natural teeth employ an up and down motion. When eating, chew on both sides of your mouth so that the pressure on your partial denture is even.

Avoid eating sticky or hard foods, and don’t chew gum until you have adapted to your partial denture. Ideally, eat soft food that is cut into small pieces for the first couple of weeks. Sticky foods can pull the denture out of place.

Get your partial dentures re-fitted. When you initially get your denture, it might not fit perfectly; however, in time the denture will settle in. Your gums are changing, and it will take a while before the partial denture fits exactly as you would like. You might have to go back to the dentist several times to get the denture readjusted.

Follow your dentist's instructions. You may be advised to wear your partial upper denture all of the time, at least initially. This might not be comfortable, but you it makes it easier for the dentist to identify what parts of the denture needs adjusted. After the adjustments are done, your dentist might advise you to take the denture out when you are sleeping.


Take care of your partial denture, and brush it twice a day. Plaque can become trapped under the denture's clasps, which increases your risk of tooth decay.

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