How to Use the Prostate Stimulator

The prostate gland, a small walnut shaped organ that secretes fluid during ejaculation, can be prone to health problems due to either the normal aging process or irritation 2. Prostate stimulation (also known as prostate massage) can be helpful in relieving pain or releasing fluid from a swollen prostate gland 2. Although prostate stimulation can easily be done with just fingers, many men find it easier to use a prostate stimulator to reach their prostate gland 2.

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Wash the prostate stimulator with warm soapy water and dry it thoroughly before using it 2. This will prevent bacteria from collecting on the unit and being inserted into your anus.

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Lubricate your anal opening and the prostate stimulator 2. Remember that it is better to have too much lubrication than not enough. Try to relax your rectal muscles because it will make anal penetration much easier.

Insert the prostate stimulator slowly into your rectum, using firm, yet gentle pressure until it is completely in place 2. If the prostate stimulator is electronic, turn it on and use it for five to ten minutes 2. If your prostate stimulator is meant to be used manually, use it to rub your prostate gland in small, slow circles for five to ten minutes 2. Discontinue use if you experience pain or tenderness.

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Be prepared for an intense urge to urinate or a strong erection. You may also release some prostatic fluid as the prostate gland receives stimulation 2. These reactions are normal during prostate stimulation 2.

Thoroughly wash and dry your prostate stimulator when you are done 2. Consider using a condom over the part of the prostate stimulator that goes into your anus 2. This will make cleanup a little quicker but you will still have to wash and dry your prostate stimulator 2.


If anal penetration is too uncomfortable for you, consider stimulating your prostate gland at your perineum.


Do not use anything but a prostate stimulator or your fingers to stimulate your prostate gland anally. The reasoning is that other massagers are not designed to go safely inside your rectum.