How to Use pH Strips

By Tiesha Whatley

pH strips are used to monitor the body’s pH balance. The strips are used by testing the saliva or urine pH levels. Most individuals do these tests from home to monitor the amounts of acid that is flowing through the body. In healthy people, the pH should be 6.4 or above. Testing the pH balance is a great way to make sure that your body isn’t acidic; which can be the cause of many health problems like weight gain, low energy, acne and some joint paints. In this article, we will learn how to use pH strips.

Test with urine. The pH results of a urine test can vary widely. The body eliminates bio-chemicals through the urine and the pH strips measure this. Minerals, vitamins, drugs, toxins and the excess waste broken down by the metabolism is all part of the bio-chemicals. Where the basic pH for a healthy individual usually shows as 6.2 in a saliva test, with urine tests it is 5.0-7.0.

To test the pH through the urine, place the strip in the flow of urine for 1 to 2 seconds. The strip should only be slightly wet. If you feel more comfortable using a cup, then do so and dip the trip in for a few seconds. When using the cup method, the strip should only be dipped in fresh urine. Don’t let it stand for a few minutes; you will get an inaccurate result this way. The strip should start changing colors immediately. Compare the color of the strip to the box or dispenser that the strip came out of. Any color changes after 30 seconds should be disregarded. Whatever color on the box closely matches the color of the pH strip is your urine pH.

Test with saliva. Testing the pH with the saliva is the preferred method because it also gives an indicator of cellular pH. This is a much more accurate indication of what is actually happening on the inside of the body. The best time to do a saliva pH test is first thing in the morning. This way you will get a more accurate reading. The digestive activity of the body affects the saliva pH. Therefore, take the test before eating or drinking anything. Also, take it before brushing your teeth or doing your morning exercise routine.

To test the pH with saliva, place the strip under the tongue for 1 to 2 seconds. As soon as you lift it out of the mouth, the color will begin changing. Compare the color of the strip to the chart on the box or dispenser. Color changes after 30 seconds should be disregarded. Whatever color that the strip matches is your saliva pH.

Examine the results. To effectively monitor and improve your pH. You need to know what the results mean. A basic pH scale is 1 to 14. A healthy pH is 6.4, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t still have some problems like acid reflux, poor energy levels or acne. A pH of 6.8 should start to make your feel better and look healthier. A pH of 7.1 or higher means that your body is mostly alkaline. Anything under 6.2 means you are incredibly acidic and need to take actions to change this.

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