How to Use the Computer for a Gazelle Elite Freestyle

ilovely girl exercising image by Paul Moore from

    One of the features of the Gazelle Elite Freestyle exercise machine is its onboard electronic display. This "fitness computer" allows you to view your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled and workout time. Using this display to manage your exercise routine is very simple, and will allow you to stay on top of your exercise routine and achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Step on the Gazelle, but don't start working out yet. Press the "Mode" button to power on the computer. The display will start blinking.

  2. Press the "Mode" button again to cycle through the options you want to use during your workout. By default, the computer will display distance. Press the button again to view calories burned, and again to view time. Press the mode button a third time to view heart rate.

  3. Start exercising. The display will change as you work out. If you are using the heart rate function, make sure to grab the silver handlebars while you are working out. These handlebars have a sensor in them that will detect your heart rate.

  4. Press and hold the "Mode" button when you are done exercising to turn off the computer.