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Uric Acid Levels in Nuts

If you have a medical condition that is caused by high levels of uric acid, your doctor may prescribe a low-purine diet to reduce symptoms and get your uric acid levels under control, according to health information website FamilyDoctor. Eating the right foods could relieve some symptoms; nuts are low in purines and anti-inflammatory.

Function of Kidneys

The kidneys filter about 200 quarts of blood daily and sift out approximately two quarts of excess water and waste. The bladder then stores this excess waste and water as urine until it is released through urination, according to the National Kidney and Urologic Disease Information Clearinghouse. The kidneys are key in the maintenance of healthy blood pH, which is affected by diet. Some nuts, including walnuts, are considered acidifying, while others, such as chestnuts and cashews are alkaline.


Fish That Are High in Purines

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Purines are naturally occurring substances found in foods including nuts. When a purine is digested, it produces a waste called uric acid, according to FamilyDoctor. Most of the time uric acid dissolves in the blood and enter the kidneys; it is then passed to the bladder as waste and released through urination. Sometimes if you consume foods that have a large amount of purines, your body may have trouble releasing the uric acid, and a buildup may occur.


A low-purine diet greatly reduces your risk of developing uric-acid buildup. Some common medical conditions associated with high uric acids levels are kidney stones ande gout. Exceedingly high levels of uric acid, and can lead to very painful inflammatory arthritis. Kidney stones may also develop from uric acid buildup.

Low Purine vs. High Purine

Normal Range of Uric Acid Levels in the Blood

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There are three basic categories of purines: low, moderate and high. According to Boston University Medical Campus, low purines include nuts, dairy products, eggs, noodles, rice, pasta, fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli and zucchini. If you have gout or arthritis associated with high uric acid levels, these foods are considered OK to eat. High-purine foods include game meats, liver, goose, anchovies, sardines and scallops. These high-purine foods should be avoided as much as possible on a low-purine diet.


Some drugs that increase uric acid levels include caffeine, aspirin, alcohol and ascorbic acid. If you have a family history of kidney disease and gout, watching your purine intake, reducing triglycerides and avoiding alcohol may reduce your risk of developing these conditions, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.