What Type of Doctor Performs Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery, which is a last-ditch procedure to help obese people shed weight, is performed by a bariatric surgeon in a local hospital. Bariatric surgeons determine if their patients qualify for weight loss surgery, and if they do, the doctors perform any one of the types of procedures available.


Bariatric surgery is performed when there is no other way for a person to lose weight 1. There are different types of bariatric surgery, and three of the most common are gastric bypass surgery, lap-band surgery and the gastric sleeve procedure.


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In gastric bypass surgery, a surgeon reduces the amount of food an individual can ingest by separating one part of the stomach from the other. Lap-band surgery uses a silicone rubber band to block off a part of the stomach so that the remainder is smaller. Both of these procedures are a type of restrictive surgery.

Other Types

Gastric bypass surgery involves using a laparoscopic tool that is introduced through small incisions in the body so that it is possible to view an individual's insides on a screen. Other types of bariatric surgeries are vertical banded gastroplasty and biliopancreatic diversion.

Before Surgery

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Bariatric surgeons counsel their patients before the procedure to discuss treatments, expectations and any other concerns a patient may have.

After Surgery

After surgery, bariatric surgeons help their patients adapt to their new weight 1. They recommend diet adjustments and advise their patients when they are ready to begin exercising.