Triphala Churna Side Effects

Used frequently in Ayurvedic medication practices, triphala churna is an herbal supplement used for the treatment of many common health ailments ranging from stomach irritation to colon cleansing. Meaning “three fruits," triphala churna is said to contain three herbs known for treating digestive disorders, according to If you're currently using this supplement for the treatment of any medical condition, be aware of the possible side effects associated with triphala churna. Likewise, if you're thinking about starting treatment with triphala, speak to your medical doctor first.

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Stomach Irritation

Although this herbal supplement is often used for the treatment of many common digestive disorders, triphala churna can also cause side effects associated with stomach irritation. According to the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, side effects associated with triphala churna include diarrhea, intestinal gas and general stomach upset 1. Although these effects aren't life-threatening, they can be irritating to pre-existing stomach conditions in some patients. In order to determine the best treatment for your particular stomach disorder or health ailment, speak to your medical doctor before consuming triphala churna.

Changes in Blood Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

According to Sloan-Kettering, triphala churna consists of three herbal fruits, one of which is amalaki 1. Commonly known by its alternative name of emblica, this herbal supplement can also cause side effects following consumption. says that although there are no well-documented major adverse reactions to taking amalaki as a supplement, this herb contains active ingredients that can promote changes in blood cholesterol and fluctuations in blood sugar 2. So if you're diagnosed with a cardiac ailment, speak to a medical professional in order to determine how any herbal supplement will affect the condition.

Weight-Loss Concerns

According to Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center, you can experience increased diarrhea after taking the supplement 1. In addition, the herbal supplement can also be used as a natural colon cleanser, according to the website. You can experience weight loss due to the increased amount of waste produced as a result of taking this supplement. Speak to your medical doctor about this risk of weight loss; it can affect other medical conditions.