Treatments for Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a progressive disease with five stages. Stage 3 Kidney Disease is also called Moderate Chronic Kidney Disease and precedes Severe (Stage 4) and End Stage (Stage 5). Stages are gauged by measuring the kidneys' Glomerular Filtration Rate. Patients with Stage 3 CKD have several treatment options to stay healthy and slow the progress of the disease.

See a Nephrologist

The National Kidney Foundation recommends that people with Stage 3 CKD see a nephrologist, a physician who specializes in kidney disease. The nephrologist will assess a patients' condition, check for common secondary illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure, and establish a treatment plan designed to keep the kidneys functioning as long as possible.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Chronic Kidney Disease Sample Diet

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Someone with Stage 3 CKD may want to see a dietitian. A healthy diet that eliminate minerals like sodium, phosphorous and magnesium is essential, since those products are difficult for kidneys to process and put extra strain on the body and kidneys when they accumulate in the bloodstream. The diet should also regulate the amount of protein that is taken in each day and include a variety of fruits, grains and vegetables. And a healthy eating plan should keep foods with saturated fat and cholesterol at a minimum. Since each patient is different, there is no set diet plan for Stage 3 CKD, and that's why it's important to consult an expert who can create a plan to suit your specific needs.

Live Healthy

Many people with this disease develop high blood pressure or diabetes, and it's important to treat these conditions to help preserve kidney function. You should also follow a regular exercise regime to keep your weight and blood pressure down and avoid tobacco and alcohol. Changes in lifestyle as well as diet can slow the damage CKD inflicts and help you maintain relatively normal kidney function for many years.