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How to Treat Swollen Feet

By eHow Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

Swollen feet are a symptom of an underlying problem, you can get them from a sports injury, pregnancy, heart disease, fluid retention, kidney problems or another condition. Follow these steps to treat a swollen foot. If your feet swell chronically, see your doctor.

Sit down and stay off your feet.

Remove shoes and socks.

Elevate your feet and legs. Place a pillow under your heels, and prop your feet on a chair or high stool.

Soak your feet in cool water.

Reduce your salt intake. Salt causes you to retain water.

Take diuretics if prescribed by your doctor. Diuretics increase urination by pulling excess fluid out of your cellular tissues.

See a cardiologist if your swollen feet are due to heart problems. When a heart is damaged, it has trouble pumping blood effectively and efficiently, causing bodily fluids to pool in the feet. Heart-muscle-strengthening drugs can help reduce swelling in the feet.

Practice good health habits. Proper nutrition and daily exercise improve the health of your cardiovascular system and your circulation, helping to reduce the tendency of your feet to swell.

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