How to treat Poison Ivy Rash

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Once you get Poison Ivy, you are contracting dermatitis which will cause your skin to become an itchy rash of blisters and swelling. There are a number of things you can do to treat Poison Ivy Rash without any medication. Most Poison Ivy Removal starts with a cool washcloth and baking soda. For severe Poison Ivy treatment, it is suggested you go see your Dr.

Signs: If you notice any rash, redness, itch, swelling, or blisters on your skin - that is a good sign that you have Poison Ivy. Once you have come in contact with Poison Ivy, you will usually see these blistering results in 12 to 48 hours. There is a oil in the plant called "urushiol" that is likely to cause your skin to break out and often at times, it will spread dramatically and last up to three weeks. You should have a professional kill poison Ivy bushes and get rid of the remains for future prevention.

The reason why you could have contracted this rash is because you came in contact with the following: poison ivy plant itself, poison oak, or poison sumac. The Ivy is usually a weed plant or a long vine. As for the Poison Oak, it resembles either a large plant or bush. Some people have never heard of sumac but it is similar to Poison Oak, like a bush or tree. It has even edges around the leaf that are smooth and has two leaf rows on the leaf itself. Don't worry about passing it to your family though, as Poison Ivy rash itself is not contagious.

Poison Ivy Cure: Pressing a cool cloth to your rash usually reliefs the symptoms. If you want to further treat it, add baking soda to your bathe water or you can make a baking soda paste for the part of your skin that contains the rash. For that nasty rash you have on your skin, to get rid of it you can use lotions with alcohol and calamine which are used to dry out the blisters. Never cover your rash with anything over night or during the day. Our goal is to let the air heal your rash as this is much quicker. If you can, call a Doctor and they can prescribe you something for your rash.


For Poison Ivy Rash treatment, try using baking soda. There is no way to kill poison Ivy at home, that's why it's important you see your Doctor.

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