How to Treat Plantar Warts

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Some of the treatments to get rid of plantar warts seem worse than keeping the warts. Doctors who want to freeze your warts off may want you to return several times to the office, of course charging you your insurance co-pay each time. There is a simple way to rid yourself of plantar warts within a few weeks without going to the doctor's office, or spending a lot of money. How do you treat plantar warts?

Start using vitamin A supplement right away, everyday to clear up your plantar warts. Vitamin A helps to clear up plantar warts. Take an oral supplement, then also break open capsules, and rub on the warts directly twice a day.

Take a multivitamin supplement everyday to help your improve or boost your body's defense.

Apply duct tape directly over the plantar warts. Not the clear duct tape, but the really sticky grayish colored duct tape. Make the piece large enough to cover the skin surrounding the wart. Keep it covered until it disappears. It should only take a few weeks. Replace the duct tape after showering and allowing the area to dry completely.

Keep the area as dry as possible. If the warts are on your feet, change your socks often throughout the day.


Warts are a viral infection that will eventually clear up on their own. Vitamin supplements help your body's natural defense to rid itself of warts. HPV, human papilloma virus, causes plantar warts by direct contact with the skin. Walking barefoot and using community showers barefoot may increase your risk. Plantar warts appear to have a smooth surface and are grayish yellow or brown in color.


Occasionally lesions such as carcinomas and melanomas may be identified as warts by mistake so check with your doctor. Seek medical help if you experience severe pain, swelling, redness, bleeding, or large lesions at the site of the plantar warts.

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