How to Treat Large Goose Egg Bumps

Goose egg is a common term for bumps that form on someone’s forehead or scalp after a blow to that area. Usually the injury is limited to that specific area of the head and does not indicate brain injury. The size of the goose egg does not correlate with the gravity of the injury, even a small blow can cause a large bump. Goose eggs can last for weeks but immediate attention to them can decrease their size more quickly and initially make them less painful.

Take an acetaminophen to prevent any possible headaches from forming from the injury.

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Stop the bleeding if necessary. Since there are lots of blood vessels on the head, any cuts will produce copious amounts of blood. Apply pressure to the cut with a clean cloth to stop any bleeding.

Ice the goose egg right away with an ice pack covered with a clean towel or dish cloth. This will decrease immediate swelling and the size of the eventual bump. You may do this at the same time as you staunch the bleeding.

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Look for any signs of an intracranial hematoma putting pressure on the brain 2. Some blows result in serious injuries causing brain function loss and even death. Look for confusion and memory loss, imbalance, vomiting and severe head aches. If any of these symptoms are present immediately seek medical attention.

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