How to Treat Hair Loss by Strengthening Your Kidneys

When people first experience hair loss , they normally look at their hormone levels or at the thyroid as the possible culprit. Although such imbalances could cause hair loss, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), kidney deficiencies can lead to various health problems, one of which is hair loss. Chinese practitioners believe that inadequate nutrition or prolonged, severe stress could lead to a kidney deficiency, which in turn would manifest itself in an array of symptoms, including hair loss. However, it's possible to strengthen the kidneys and treat the symptoms. Here's how.

Understand that TCM views the kidneys as the source of energy for the entire body. The condition of the kidneys determines a person's youthfulness. On the other hand, a kidney deficiency reveals itself in premature symptoms such as hair loss, gray hair, back and knee pain, as well as vision problems.

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Realize that there are two types of kidney deficiencies. One results from factors such as poor diet, prolonged stress and overwork. The other type is an inherited weakness, both involve a deficiency of energy in the kidneys (kidney essence).

Replenish your kidney essence with herbal supplements such as He Shou Wu (Foti). Your hair loss will diminish as your kidney deficiency corrects ifself. Other effective supplements are Lycium and Cuscuta seed.

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Consider acupuncture treatments to strengthen your kidney meridian (energy pathway) and correct your kidney deficiency as well as treat your hair loss. The acupuncturist may correct the problem with acupuncture treatments alone or use a combination of acupuncture and herbs.

Include plenty of vegetables in your diet. Vegetables will provide the needed nutrition for hair gowth and take the load off the kidneys. Preferably, stir-fry your vegetables in olive oil. According to TCM, eating too many cold foods can add stress to the spleen and lead to an energy imbalance.

Walk regularly to promote blood circulation to your organs and the scalp, which will keep the chi body energy) flowing smoothly and restore balance. Moxibustion therapy (involves the burning of wormwood) is also effective in restoring the energy balance

Focus on the positive things in your life. Practice stress management techniques. It's important to take unnecessary burden off your kidneys. Depending on the extent of the hair loss, it may take up to a few months to see results. Others may notice improvement in a matter of weeks.


Chinese medicine practitioners report positive results in the treatment of hair loss. Some patients respond more quickly and others take longer. A person needs determination to continue the treatments and follow the practitioner's suggestions. Individuals that seek acupuncture treatment for one condition often experience improvement in multiple symptoms. The reason is that each meridian affects multiple organs. Balancing and strengthening a meridian results in correcting multiple problems.


Avoid red meat, processed foods and preservatives.