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Tips to Get Fat in a Month

For some people, gaining weight is both a challenge and a necessity. Actors who wish to play overweight or obese characters, for example, may need to become fat over a short period of time. For severely underweight people, quick weight gain can decrease their risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and a variety of nutritional deficiencies. While severe weight gain over a short period of time is risky, the right combination of diet and exercise can make your transition to becoming fat a healthy one.

Caloric Balance

Both weight loss and weight gain involve a balance between the amount of calories that you consume and burn in a day. While eating more calories than you burn can help you gain weight, you need to eat significantly more than you burn each day to become fat in a month. According to Mayo Clinic, one pound of fat is approximately equivalent to 3,500 calories. Using this number, you can calculate the amount of excess calories that you need to consume to become fat in a month.

Daily Intake

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While an extra 1,500 calories per day results in a gain of more than 12 pounds of fat in a month, this amount of extra weight may not make a taller, larger-framed person appear fat. In addition, nutritionist Dr. Linda Houtkooper of the University of Arizona notes that your daily caloric needs increase as you gain weight. As such, you should increase your excess caloric intake as you progress through the month. By adding 100 calories each day, for example, you can boost your fat gain and ensure that your daily caloric intake exceeds your body's increasing needs.


To become fat in the healthiest way possible, you should maintain your current exercise schedule throughout the month and rely on extra calories to gain weight. By replacing water with other beverages throughout the day, you can meet this excess caloric intake without significantly altering your diet. For example, each cup of water that you replace with one percent or soy milk adds approximately 100 calories, a cup of apple juice adds 114, and a meal replacement drink adds 355 calories. In addition to boosting your caloric intake, these natural juices, milks and meal replacements can help you meet your daily nutritional needs without adding excessive dietary fat or sugar.

Other Foods

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Eating sugary, high-fat junk foods is an easy way to become fat. Due to the lack of nutritional content in these foods, however, your health will decline severely if you use them to gain weight. Instead, you should eat more calorie-dense alternatives or add naturally high calorie foods to other dishes. For example, replacing your breakfast cereal with granola can add 100 calories, while topping it with a banana adds another 105 calories. Mixing 100 g of chicken into your salad adds approximately 300 calories, an ounce of almonds adds 169 calories and a cup of pineapple adds another 85 calories. By adding healthy sources of calories such as these to all of your meals throughout the month, you can become fat in the quickest, healthiest way possible.