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What Does Tingling on the Chin Mean?

By Ryn Gargulinski ; Updated July 27, 2017

A tingling sensation in the chin, which may also burn or feel like “pins and needles,” is not something to ignore. Also known as paresthesia, a tingling chin can indicate an underlying condition needing medical attention.


Initial symptoms of paresthesia may be subtle but can progress to an overall numbness or periods of decreased or acutely heightened sensations.

Nerve Damage

A tingling chin usually results from nerve damage, either through injury or disease. The cause behind the nerve damage is what needs to be treated.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) and diabetes may both lead to chin tingling. MS and diabetes may cause tingling sensations throughout the body, with diabetes frequently causing tingling in extremities.


Injuries around the face and chin may also lead to damaged nerves and tingling.


A tingling chin may be a side effect of the common cold or sign of a heart attack or a cerebrovascular accident, a condition in which the brain does not receive proper blood supply and cell damage results.


If chin tingling recurs, note when, the frequency and other accompanying symptoms. Then make an appointment with your doctor.

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