Throat Ulcer Symptoms


Throat ulcers are painful sores located in the back of the throat. These ulcers make daily tasks such as swallowing and breathing very difficult. The symptoms of throat ulcers can be hard to miss and may require medical attention to prevent future complications.

Difficulty Swallowing

The most common and noticeable symptom of throat ulcers is difficulty in swallowing. The open cuts of the ulcers cause pain in the throat, especially when food or other material passes through it.

White Spots

If you suspect you have a throat ulcer, try placing your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and opening it wide. If you are looking in the mirror you will see white spots near the tonsils or in the back of the throat. These spots are where the ulcers are located.


If throat ulcers are left untreated, the tissue in your throat will begin to deteriorate. This causes the ulcers to secrete pus. As the tissue dies, the back of the throat will begin to look greyish. When the pus is dispersed it will leave a unpleasant taste in your mouth.


There are various causes of throat ulcers. These causes include an oral virus such as the one that causes cold sores and herpes. The ulcers can also be caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. If tonsillitis is left untreated in earlier years, the inflamed tonsils can cause the ulcers to form.


Seeking medical attention for throat ulcers is recommended. Often, the ulcers can be hard to treat without medication. To help heal the ulcers at home, try gargling salt water in the back of the throat and drinking plenty of liquids (soup, water, milkshakes).