The Disadvantages of Internet Addiction

These days, many people spend a large portion of time on the Internet, whether it's for work, social interaction, gathering information, or entertainment. But there is a fine line between what can be considered a healthy amount of Internet usage, and what is known as Internet Addiction Disorder.


A person addicted to the Internet will spend most of his time alone, locked in a room, with only his computer for company. This kind of isolation can lead to a lack of social life, and when he does venture outside, he might find his social skills have suffered. Possibly his only regular interaction is with online people, and he might now struggle to hold conversations and feel comfortable in social or public environments.

Poor Health

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An Internet addiction can create health problems. Some health issues suffered by Internet addicts are bad eyesight, which is caused by spending too much time squinting at the screen; poor posture and constant computer use can lead to bad back and carpal tunnel syndrome. Because an Internet addiction lowers the chance of exercise, and those with an addiction might no longer take the time to prepare healthy meals, obesity is also a risk.

Life Interference

Some Internet addicts risk losing their jobs or failing classes, because they spend so much time online and are often late or absent. An Internet addict might also find his personal relationships suffer under the weight of so much time spent online rather than with the people he's close to.

Withdrawals and Aggressive Behavior

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Internet addicts can be aggressive when disturbed or interrupted while on the Internet. He might snap at those who try to get his attention, or grow irritated when he has his Internet habits questioned. If an Internet addict isn't online, his withdrawals can fray his temper and make him aggressive.