The Best Liquid Minerals

Minerals play a very important role in immune function, healing and the overall regulation of cellular metabolism. Trace minerals, combined with major minerals, make up four percent of the body, states sports coach Brian Mac. Liquid mineral formulas create a bio-available (easily absorbed) supplement to the body. As opposed to tablets and capsule mineral supplements, liquid suspensions of minerals offer the body an easily absorptive, quick supplemental formula to spur on your efforts at health and wellness.

Organic Liquid Minerals

Active Liquid Minerals is a formula that is manufactured through rigorous testing and uses angstrom-sized, completely water-soluble, 100 percent organic and bio-available minerals. This liquid mineral formula is easily absorbed and fully utilized within the body. When taken as a single serving on a daily basis, it can assist the body with immune strength and development. Additionally, Organic Life Minerals is an instantly absorbing liquid trace mineral formulation in a base of naturally pure glacier water. This solution is sweetened with healthy and all-natural stevia, and is an organic product. This product has no additives or stimulants and can be taken once daily for added immune support. These two products are certified organic, free of harmful chemical additives or preservatives.

Ionic Liquid Minerals

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Ionic Iron Supplement with ConcenTrace from Trace Minerals is a formulation that uses a highly technical process to turn pure minerals into an ionic solution. Ionic minerals have both a positive and negative charge to offer easy absorption into the body at a cellular level. Ionic liquid formulas offer the body an ideal quality of mineral supplement to be absorbed quickly, and utilized effectively.

Additionally, the Cellfood ionic formula contains oxygen, electrolytes, 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids. This combination of ionic minerals in a liquid suspension can offer the body an easily absorptive liquid mineral formula, in addidtion to many other highly beneficial nutrients that support optimal health. Easy consumption on a daily basis can supplement the body easily and quickly.

Chelated Liquid Minerals

IntraMAX is a supplement made of 100 percent organic liquid vitamins and minerals, and contains 415 nutrients in total. This formula uses chelated minerals, which are minerals joined with various amino acids, and uses ultra-dissolved, organically complex trace minerals. Most minerals cannot be absorbed in their natural or salt state. The movement of minerals through the body requires a chelation process with other carrier proteins. Most minerals exert most of their biological effects while in the chelated state, and this product offers a chelated mineral formula in combination with 415 other vital nutrients to offer the body every opportunity at optimal health.