The Average Weight and Height for a 12-Year-Old

Preteen children start paying more attention to their looks, and your daughter or son may wonder how her weight and height compares to her peers. Girls tend to start puberty earlier than boys and may be taller than boy classmates at 12 years old. Boys may be worried they are too short. Your health care provider can assess your child's height and weight and make recommendations, as needed.

Average Weight and Height

The average height -- 50th percentile -- for a 12-year-old girl is 59 inches and the average weight is 93 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention growth charts 123. At this age, boy are very similar and have an average height of 58 inches and weight of 90 pounds. Genetics -- how tall the parents are -- is the main determinant of height. It is normal for your preteen to gain weight before he has a growth spurt and an increase in height 2. Eating a balanced and healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep nightly and staying active is beneficial for all preteens.