The 10 Cities With the Most Drug Overdoses

According a recent Surgeon General's report, prescription drug and heroin overdose is the number one cause of unintentional deaths in America. And it's not an urban problem, either. Cities, rural areas and small towns all seem to be equally affected. In fact, the top city for overdoses with a population more than 400,000 may surprise you. Read on to find out which cities are struggling the most in the battle with this epidemic.

10. Toledo, Ohio

Ohio shows up a shocking 3 times in the list of 10 most dangerous cities for overdoses, according to, which used data compiled by the CDC through 2015.

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico

While New Mexico is one of the only Southwestern states on the list, its appearance proves that the opioid crisis in America isn't limited to the Midwest.

Albuquerque experienced 201 overdose deaths and its rate per capita was 29.8.

8. Knoxville, Tennessee

Tennessee and Alabama are the two Southern states that show up in the top 10. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the city saw 237 overdose deaths in 2016. Statewide, the death toll of the opioid crises totaled 1,400.