Temporary Fix for Missing Teeth

You may need a temporary fix for a missing tooth or teeth when a dentist has just extracted a tooth 2. You may also need a temporary fix until you can get to your dentist. A temporary fix can take the form of filling that your dentist installs when you need surgery or any other treatment in the near future. You can also purchase over-the-counter kits to provide your own temporary fix.

Over-the-Counter Putty

Use over-the-counter putty to fill the gap in the teeth to avoid a gum infection or just to mask the unsightly appearance of missing teeth. Over-the-counter filling kits contain a semisolid, jelly-like putty; simply place the putty into the gap and mold it into place.

Temporary Products

Use a night guard, sold at drug stores and warehouse stores, for another over-the-counter solution to missing teeth. If you grind your teeth, wear a night guard while sleeping for a few days until you can get to the dentist; it can help protect your gums from the infection promoted by missing teeth. It can also keep you from feeling the absence of the teeth as much, although it does not provide a cosmetic fix.

Alternately, insert cotton balls into the missing space when surgery will soon follow. This temporary filling will usually shift as you sleep; fix this problem with the help of dental gumyou can buy in a medical shop or obtain from your dentist.


Some dentists also give you a temporary crown for filling up the gap left by a missing tooth when the procedure for the permanent filling lies at least a few days away 2. Using his skills and expertise, the dentist fills up the gap with a little cement. This can serve its purpose well, but like all temporary fillings, this type of crown has limited strength and can wear away. Avoid chewing gum and other hard or chewy foods when you have a temporary crown, which you shouldn't find too difficult to so, since you'll only have the filling will for a few days at most.