How to Temporarily Relieve Constipation With Soap (home Remedy)

There are lots of people that suffer from hard and painful stools at least once in their lifetimes. Many laxatives are available over the counter and as prescription medicine. However, people tend to develop dependence on these drugs. This article talks about a home remedy to temporarily relieve constipation effectively using soap.

This home remedy is for temporary relieve of constipation only. It will stimulate the anus area to help defecate. It will not cure chronic constipation. However, laundry soap bar is very effective at helping the patient quickly release feces in a short time.

Select a brand of laundry soap bar such as Zote brand soap; do not use fragrant soap bars intended for washing your hands and body. Laundry soap bars should be used for the purpose described below.

Cut the soap into a small piece that is the thickness of the patients' pinkie. Wet it with water to soften the edges. It is important to make sure that soap is wet for easy insertion into the rectum.

Carefully wet the opening the anus with some water or water based lubrication and slowly insert the soap into the rectum. Keep the soap in there for several minutes so that the body temperature melts the soap for proper stimulation and bowl movement.

As the soap melts, you will start to feel pain in the abdomen area and you will want to go to the bathroom right away. It is important to hold it in for awhile until you know that you cannot hold it any longer.