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How to Tell if Your Sunglasses are Polarized

Polarized sunglasses enhance the integrity of images you see while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays 1. These Polarized lenses eliminate glare by reducing its effect. The glare that makes you squint and strain your eyes, is light traveling on a horizontal plane. By polarizing their lenses, sunglass designers help counteract the effect with vertical lines. When shopping for a good pair of sunglasses, look for the word "polarized' on the label 1. Buy carefully, as polarization technology is not available on all designer sunglasses. Follow some simple guidelines to ensure that your sunglasses will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays and help you enjoy life in its smallest details.

Check your sunglasses for polarization by turning on your computer. Computer screens use the same polarization technology used to polarize lenses. Log onto a program and then put on your sunglasses. Tilt your head left and right while looking directly at the screen. If the screen goes dark at a certain point, your glasses are polarized.

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Test sunglasses in the shop before buying them to determine whether or not the lenses are authentically polarized 1. Many retail outlets that sell sunglasses make testers available for you. These testers look like a blank grey strip on a display stand, but actually hold a hidden image.

Try on ordinary sunglasses. Look at the provided strip. If the grey strip remains blank, the lenses are not polarized. Put on polarized lenses and clearly see an image that is invisible to the naked eye 1. Each lens tester is different, but all reveal some kind of image when viewed with polarized lenses.

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Look into the water at a lake or other fishing spot. If you wear a pair of ordinary sunglasses, they only decrease the intensity of light and make things darker. Put on a pair of polarized glasses and you see fish and underwater structures clearly. The water actually becomes transparent when you look at it at an angle and not straight on.


Purchase authentic polarized sunglasses for the best eye protection.


Avoid buying cheap polarized sunglasses. They won't hurt your eyes, but won't give you the quality and protection you get with authentic polarized glasses.