How to Tape Fingers for Baseball

By Dan Howard

Jamming a finger can be painful, but unless you have a fracture or torn ligament, then taping the finger to an adjacent finger can get you back in the game. If you can't bend your finger or if the area is severely swollen, then the injury is too severe to tape. Once a doctor clears you for play, a coach can use athletic tape to anchor the injured finger against a neighboring digit.

Step 1

Extend the injured finger and an adjacent finger. For an injured ring or pinkie finger, extend the adjacent ring or pinkie; for an injured middle or index finger, extend the adjacent middle or index finger.

Step 2

Press the two fingers together gently.

Step 3

Wrap a single layer of athletic tape around the base of the fingers, then rip the tape off. The tape should be tight enough to secure your fingers together without restricting blood flow.

Step 4

Wrap a second layer of tape around the base of the fingers.

Step 5

Wrap two layers of tape around the middle phalanx of the fingers, which is the flat area just above the interphalangeal or main knuckle in the middle of the finger.

Step 6

Apply an ice pack to the sprained finger for 20 minutes after your game or practice to relieve swelling.

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