Symptoms of a Ham Allergy

Food allergies are common in people of all ages. Sometimes, younger children may "grow out of" an allergy, while others may have an allergy to specific food items for life. Sometimes, the allergy gets worse with more exposure and can lead to anaphylaxis and if not treated promptly. Anaphylaxis can cause anaphylactic shock and death. Treatment for a ham allergy may include medications and diet alterations. Treatment for anaphylaxis typically includes a shot of epinephrine.


With an allergic reaction to ham, you may have a rash on your face, stomach or other areas of your body.


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A fever may be present with an allergic reaction to ham.


You may experience wheezing or difficulty breathing if you have an allergy to ham. Medical attention may be necessary with prolonged symptoms.


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Your mouth, throat or tongue may swell after eating ham, if you are allergic to it. You should seek medical attention if this occurs because it could become life-threatening.


An allergic person may experience higher levels of agitation and irritability after having consumed ham.


Hives are red, raised, welt-like rashes that are very itchy and uncomfortable. You may suffer from hives if you have an allergy to ham.