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How to Stop Watery Eyes

By Sarah DeWitt Ince ; Updated July 27, 2017

Implement home remedies and simple strategies to alleviate watery eyes induced by allergies, irritations or the common cold. Preventative measures are especially needed if you suffer from ongoing allergies. A daily routine can help you deal with watery eyes caused by common irritants, but sometimes watery eyes are caused by an underlying medical condition, or an injury to the eye. Always talk to your doctor if your own measures don't work, or if you have discharge, pain or extreme redness.

  1. Wash your hands with hot soapy water before treating your eye area. Bacteria can easily spread from your hands into your eyes. Use a towel to dry off your hands.

  2. Make sure your hands are free of soap, and then rinse your eyes with purified cold water. Heavily chlorinated water can cause more irritation, so it's best to use pure water. This will help flush out dirt, debris or anything else irritating the eyes. Splash your eyes three or four times. Close your eyes and use a soft dry towel to sop up excess water.

  3. Prepare green tea on the stove and allow the herbs time to seep through the bag. Enjoy a cup of green tea, and then chill the bags in the refrigerator until they're cold, but not frozen. Rest on your back and place one tea bag over each eyelid. Rest comfortably for 20 minutes. The tea has soothing healing properties and Vitamin C. The University of Maryland Medical Center says that Vitamin C helps bring down inflammation. This is helpful if your watering eyes were caused by allergies or a cold.

  4. Use over-the-counter allergy medications, or eye drops, if your watering eyes are induced by allergies. Only take this medication as directed and avoid over-use.

  5. Take additional Vitamin C and get eight or more hours of sleep a night, if you suspect that your watering eyes are caused by a stubborn cold.

  6. Tip

    Using a HEPA filter in your home may reduce the incidence of watery eyes, because the filter can create cleaner air and catch pollutants or debris in your home before it affects your eyes.

    Avoid straining your eyes when looking at the computer or doing other daily tasks. Constant straining can result in watery eyes. Wear proper glasses and place anti-glare film on your computer screen, if you think this is the cause of your eye problem.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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