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How to Stop Hand Tremors

Hand tremors are the involuntary trembling or shaking of the hands or fingers. There are several medical conditions that can cause hand tremors. Among them is Parkinson's disease, which is a degenerative brain disorder. One of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease is an uncontrollable shaking that usually begins with the hands. Other medical conditions that can cause hand tremors are alcohol withdrawal, thyroid disorders, lithium poisoning and Xanax withdrawal. Hand tremors are not always brought about by a medical condition, however. They can also be caused by fatigue, stress, anxiety or rage. Other factors that may lead to hand tremors are aging, low blood sugar, a variety of prescription medicines, and drinking too much coffee or other caffeinated drinks. Here are some ways to stop hand tremors.

Try to relax. Stress-related tremors can be alleviated by relaxation activities like meditation. You can also practice breathing techniques. Make sure you get enough sleep every night so you can feel relaxed throughout the day.

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If you suspect your hand tremors are being caused by medication, stop taking it immediately and see the doctor who prescribed it. He will be able to decide whether you should stay off that medicine permanently or go to a smaller dose.

If you feel you are an alcoholic, or drink a lot, stop immediately and seek treatment. You may experience some side effects from withdrawing from alcohol, but the benefits will be much greater. On the other hand, consuming alcoholic beverages in small quantities may sometimes decrease the tremors. Carefully monitor your drinking to ensure you are not abusing alcohol.

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Minimize your caffeine intake. Caffeine can cause hand tremors, so either reduce or eliminate coffee and other caffeinated drinks from your diet.

Take medication if your dcotor prescribes it. Medicines used to address hand tremors include primidone, beta blockers, gabapentin, propranolol, mild tranquilizers, Mysoline and other anticonvulsants. Injections of the botulinum toxin can also be used as treatments.


Contact your doctor immediately if your hand tremors are prolonged, seem to get worse or start to interfere with your life. Also seek treatment if the hand tremors coincide with symptoms like headaches, unusual tongue movement or other involuntary acts. If the medication doesn't work, the doctor may consider surgery to stop the hand tremors.


Don't rule out surgery if medication doesn't work.