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How to Stop Finger and Palm Twitching

Twitches are caused by a series of involuntary muscle spasms. According to Medline Plus, the majority of twitches are no cause for concern and will generally come and go and only last for a short period of time. These types of benign twitches are caused by exhaustion, over-consumption of caffeinated beverages and stress.

Get at least eight to 10 hours of sleep every night. One cause of finger and palm twitching is lack of sleep. Catch up on your sleep as much as possible by taking the occasional nap and attempt to keep a regular sleep schedule.

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Cut down on the stress in your life. Avoid stressful situations and people whenever possible. Exercise, perform yoga or sit in a quiet, comfortable place for at least 15 minutes a day to center yourself and bring calmness to your life.

Avoid or cut down on your consumption of caffeinated beverages, including soda and coffee. Watch for food with hidden high amounts of caffeine as well, such as chocolate.

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Reduce activities that involve repetitive use of the hands and fingers. These include typing, knitting or anything else that requires the use of your hands for a long period of time.

Consume foods that are high in vitamin D. These include fish, milk, mushrooms and eggs. Soak up the sun’s rays to supplement your vitamin D intake as well.

Consume foods that are rich in magnesium. These include bran, sunflower seeds, flax, almonds and soybeans.

Leave the finger and palm twitches alone and allow them to resolve themselves. According to Medline Plus, temporary muscle twitches will generally end on their own and do not require any special treatments at home or through a medical professional 3.


Speak to your doctor if the finger and palm twitches do not resolve after a few weeks or are accompanied by muscle wasting, weakness and numbness.