How to Stop Feeling Hungry All the Time

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Being hungry all the time is very common, and there are plenty of remedies suggested to counter it. Some of these remedies are sound, but some are completely ridiculous. Don't fall for crazy ideas and scams by educating yourself about the chemistry behind feeling hungry. Here is a very simplified explanation of it. When your blood sugar drops too low, you start feeling hungry. When you eat, your pancreas starts producing insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels by making body cells to absorb and use glucose. When you eat processed foods, they are broken down by your body very quickly, and that confuses your pancreas making it overproduce insulin and use all the sugar in your blood very fast. Thus, your blood sugar drops too low again, and you get hungry again. Moreover, while you have too much insulin in your blood, your fat cells won't release fat to be used as fuel, and so you won't burn any fat and keep feeling hungry. Hopefully this explains why you might be hungry an hour after a binge at Burger King or after gorging on a box of doughnuts. To stop feeling hungry all the time, consider changing your eating habits as described below.

Stop eating processed foods. Switch to wholegrain cereal, bread, and pasta. Wholegrains are the good carbs, because your body breaks them down slowly, creating a slow steady flow of sugars. Your pancreas releases the insulin slowly and you don't feel hungry. Moreover, when you have normal levels of insulin in your blood, your fat cells can release fat to be used as fuel, and you can lose weight.

Give up sugary drinks. That includes soda, fruit juices as well as sweetened tea or coffee. Knowing what you know now, you don't want too much sugar in your blood, do you? Drink water or unsweetened tea instead. It might be hard at first, but you will get used to it soon. Instead of fruit juices, eat whole fruit. Your body has to work harder to break the whole fruit down compared to fruit juice, therefore not causing the dreaded spike of the insulin levels that makes you feel hungry.

Avoid low fat products that have high sugar content. Those not only will not help you lose weight, but will keep you feeling hungry! Give up frozen sorbet, low fat (but sweet) granola bars, etc. The only food group that you should eat the low fat version of is dairy.

Avoid sweets - while it might be obvious, it had to be said! Have a piece of dark chocolate or a slice of your favorite cake now and then, just don't eat doughnuts for breakfast.

Eat small healthy meals frequently. 5-6 meals of 250-300 calories will keep you feeling full and energetic, and will help you lose weight.

Distract yourself from thinking about food. This might be especially hard if you have just started a (hopefully healthy) diet, because you keep trying to plan out all the meals, but try to create some activities that will keep your mind occupied. Take up a new hobby or something.

In summary, just in case you haven't caught on yet - learn to avoid high sugar content foods and get busy so you don't have time think about food too much. You have to eat healthy to not feel hungry all the time! Educate yourself about the good and bad carbs as well as good and bad fats, and you will be able to make good choices.


While I don't advocate that you go on the South Beach diet, it's worth reading about it, because it explains healthy eating very well.

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