How to Stop a Cold Sore With Aspirin

Cold sores are red blisters on or around your lip. They are common, but there is no cure for them. Cold sores never happen at a good time, but they do seem to happen during times when you are about to go to an event or have pictures taken. Most treatments take a few days or longer. However, when you feel a cold sore coming on you can stop it with aspirin.

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Be on the lookout for a sore. Though you usually don't know when they will occur, you will feel an itching or tingling before the cold sore shows up completely. The earlier you can figure it out the faster you can stop it with aspirin.

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Use a pill crusher to crush an aspirin. Empty the granules into a small bowl.

Mix the crushed aspirin with a drop of water. Use a tiny amount of water at a time and mix it well with a fork. Stop adding water when you have a paste-like mixture. If you add too much water, you will need to crush another aspirin and add that to make a paste.

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Wash your face and cold sore area thoroughly with a mild soap. Apply the aspirin paste mixture to the cold sore. Rub a small amount into the cold sore. Pat more of the aspirin mixture onto your cold sore with your finger. Add as much as you can.

Put a large band-aid over the cold sore and aspirin paste. The bandage should be just big enough to cover the cold sore area.

Leave it on overnight (or during the day if it's morning). Wash it off when you wake up (or are ready to go to bed). Repeat this process until the cold sore disappears. The time it takes will depend on how bad the cold sore is.


Prevent cold sores by washing your hands regularly, avoid kissing, avoid touching your face and by not sharing food or drinks. Take an ibuprofen orally for pain and to reduce the inflammation.