How to start a Biggest Loser Competition

By Contributor

Does your office, school, church or organization want to challenge each other with a biggest loser competition? Follow these simple steps and get your friends and family on the healthy road!

Find a group of interested people at your work, your community organization or your church. The more people, the bigger the prize you will have. Work is a natural place for people to challenge each other!

Set the parameters immediately. $10.00 per person--or any reasonable amount. Always decide how the money is to be divided up front. Winner take all or reward the first, second, and third biggest weight losers. Or Establish some kind of weekly rewards.

Decide how long the competition should last. Two to three months is a good average time for people to start losing weight.

Find a trustworthy person to be in charge of the money and the weigh-ins. This has to be the same person and the same scale for everyone.

Divide the starting weight with the end weight and take that percentage of as the score. The one with the biggest percentage of weight loss is the winner.

Divide the money any way that is agreed upon


This competition can be a great bonding experience with your co-workers or your friends. The money forfeited and the competition can be a great motivator for getting people on the healthy track. Have fun!

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