How to Get the Smell Out of Football Gloves

By Kim Nunley

After just a handful of wears, football gloves can get a bit stinky due to the bacteria that grows in moist environments. To help prevent them from getting stinking in the first place, hang them up to air dry after each practice and game. Regularly wash the gloves, either in a machine using a cold water cycle and non-bleach detergent, or by hand with warm water and liquid soap, soaking the gloves and then rubbing soiled areas. After washing, lay the gloves out to dry.

Getting Rid of the Smell

If your gloves already smell, you can remove the odor by adding a tablet of anti-bacterial denture cleanser into the wash load. You can find the tablets at most drug and grocery stores. If your gloves aren’t made with leather, you can also use a spray bottle to apply rubbing alcohol, which will deodorize once it evaporates. In addition, stuffing unused tea bags or dryer sheets into each glove can help soak up unwanted smells and keep your gloves smelling fresh.

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