Side Effects of Phentermine in Breath Mints

Phentermine typically appears in appetite suppressant medications but also may appear in breath mints. It possesses stimulant attributes that act on your central nervous system. Weight-loss medications typically contain stimulants such as phentermine because they also suppress your appetite. says that phentermine acts like an amphetamine. In most cases, if your doctor prescribes it, phentermine can work with diet control and exercise to help you lose weight. Taken in any form, phentermine may produce some side effects.

Mental Problems

The use of phentermine may cause mental difficulties that classify as serious side effects, says. The drug may cause you to think in abnormal ways, and it may induce some odd behavioral changes. You may feel irritable when you ingest phentermine, and the medication may confuse your thoughts. Phentermine also may produce euphoria or dysphoria when you use it. All of these side effects should concern you, and you should contact your physician immediately if you get any of them. He will probably want to stop your use of phentermine, whether as a medication or breath mint.

Cardiovascular Problems

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Ingesting phentermine may produce some serious problems related to your heart. It may significantly increase your blood pressure, which may induce a stroke or a heart attack. You may recognize hypertension of this extreme sort because of symptoms such as shortness of breath, feelings of anxiety, headaches that feel severe, blurry vision or seizures. Phentermine also may induce pain in your chest, and it can make you experience palpitations. Your heart rate may accelerate, as well. Again, all of these kinds of side effects require immediate medical attention.

Gastric Problems

The ingestion of phentermine also may cause some non-serious side effects in your digestive tract that usually do not require medical aid unless they become severe. Phentermine may, for example, cause you to feel nauseous, and it may produce vomiting, the University of Maryland Medical Center says. You may experience a bout of constipation or diarrhea when you ingest it. Your stomach may develop cramps during this early stage of ingestion. These forms of side effects generally end without a doctor’s help, but seek her counsel if they do not.


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As a stimulant, phentermine may make it difficult for you to sleep. If you ingest it within a breath mint, avoid using such mints at night, especially near bed time. As your body adjusts to the substance, you should see your sleep patterns return to normal.