Side Effects of Compression Stockings

Some wear compression stockings because they're required by a medical professional, while others wear them while pregnant or taking a long flight. Compression stockings aide in the severe pressure put on the lower leg and feet and prevent blood from pooling. While sometimes necessary, there are side effects to wearing compression stockings, especially for an extended period of time.


Compression stockings ease the pain and pressure of lower leg and feet. Some might be required to wear them for years on a daily basis, and this can drastically reduce the pain felt from daily activities and help circulate fluids in the legs and feet.


Many patients will feel very hot when wearing compression stockings because they are so tight. This is especially true during the summer months.


Be sure you buy the right type or compression stockings or you could experience side effects that reduce circulation, which is not the intention of compression stockings. Consult your physician for suggestions on the right compression stockings for you.


If you experience the stockings slipping, you probably need a silicone band at the top of your stockings to help them stay in place.


Compression stockings are not meant to cure any disease; they are simply meant to help ease pain and increase circulation. Have realistic expectations and be prepared to get used to wearing these constricting stockings.