How Often Should You Sauna?

Humans have used saunas for hundreds of years for their relaxing effects and health benefits 1. Saunas can be found at most gyms, and some people install personal saunas in their home 1. However, too much of a good thing can be dangerous; it is important to know how often you should use a sauna.

Health Benefits

Saunas are valued for their stress-relieving properties 1. Saunas open up the pores of human skin and promote the body to sweat out toxins 1. Saunas are believed to increase metabolic rate and are used to increase weight loss 1. Steam, a component of saunas, is beneficial in helping relieve symptoms of colds, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments 1.

How Often Can You Use a Sauna?

If you are in good health, you can use a sauna as often as you would like without fear of major health complications or side effects. The North American Sauna Society recommends using a sauna three times per week, but it also notes that many people use a sauna every day. Time in the sauna depends on personal preference; some people feel that 15 to 20 minutes is adequate, while others prefer more than an hour in the sauna.

Medical Advisory

Pregnant women, people suffering from low or high blood pressure, or patients suffering from any condition that requires medical assistance should consult with a doctor before starting a sauna regimen. A doctor will be able to advise or warn against the use of saunas and recommend a safe amount of time to spend in a sauna 1.