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How to Sell Used Golf Clubs

By Contributor

Selling used golf clubs can be very easy to do and also quite profitable. Most new golfers decide to purchase used clubs to practice and play around with until they feel they are good enough to buy brand new clubs. The following steps will help you sell your used clubs and make a pretty penny doing so.

Clean your clubs extremely well. This is very simple to do. Squirt dish washing soap into hot water and let foam up. Take a dish rag or towel and clean the entire club thoroughly, including the handle.

Place the clubs in a nice golf bag. Most golf clubs come in bag but if you bought these clubs without a bag, get one. These bags can be found in any sporting good store or major retail center.

Search the Internet for clubs similar to yours see what they are being sold for. These prices will vary and you may have to reconsider the amount you want to sell them for.

Visit local sporting good stores and golf shops on country clubs and ask if they would be interested in buying your clubs as a set. Depending on the year, make, model, and condition of the clubs, you may have some luck getting rid of them in this way.

Put the clubs on the Internet. eBay, Old Clubs, and The Golf Classifieds are just a few of the Internet sites that regularly sell used golf clubs.

Sell each club individually. If you cannot find anyone to buy the used golf clubs as a whole, sell them each individually. Play It Again Sports store in your area, they will more than likely give you a good price for your clubs as a set or individually.

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